Frequently asked questions

How can Mortgages UK-Wide help me to obtain a mortgage?
Being independent, we have access to all the mortgage products available from all the lenders in the UK. As different lenders have different criteria for lending, we are well placed to identify those lenders whose lending criteria would match your specific circumstances and requirements.

Why should I use Mortgages UK-Wide to advise me on a suitable mortgage?

Mortgages UK-Wide has built an excellent reputation in the residential and commercial mortgage and remortgage markets. We are registered with the Financial Services Authority and you are therefore dealing with a reputable, regulated firm.

What details will I need to provide?

To get a quote you’ll just need to enter the amount you’d like to borrow, whether it’s a mortgage or remortgage, the approximate value of the property and information about your financial and other circumstances.
If you then decide to proceed to apply for a mortgage or remortgage, we’ll also need the following:
* recent pay slips (if employed), bank statements, P60, annual accounts (is self employed)
* details of any other loans secured on your property
* amount of any mortgage arrears
* details of any County Court Judgements in the last 24 months
* we may also need bank details, including recent statements

How will you deal with my request for a mortgage?

We will provide you with a number of mortgage quotations which best match your circumstances and specific requirements. We would then recommend the most suitable product from the selection and the reasons why we would view such product to be the most suitable for you. If you are happy with our recommended product, we would then proceed to application and handle your case through to completion. We aim to give you a speedy decision on whether your application has been accepted, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.
If you have any questions during the application and mortgage completion process, you’ll always be able to contact us and we will be happy to help.

How quickly can I expect my mortgage or remortgage to be completed?

We process your requirements promptly. However, the timescales involved to mortgage completion would vary depending on the lender selected. Whilst some lenders have developed sophisticated online mortgage decision making and application processing systems which speed up the whole mortgage process, there are a number of lenders whose mortgage processing systems are still largely manually operated. Significant delays in mortgage completions would arise particularly from lenders in the latter category. Further, each lender’s service standards may rise or fall as a result of factors such as unusually high volumes of mortgage applications received in any given period of time. On average, timescales to mortgage completions range from about 4 to 6 weeks.

How much can I borrow?

As a general rule, most lenders will allow you to borrow up to 3.5 times your sole income, or up to 3 times the joint income of you and your partner. These are rough guides only as the prime considerations are affordability of the mortgage based on your household income and commitments.
If you’d like to discuss how much you could borrow, please call us and we will be happy to advise you.

Are there any charges if I repay my mortgage early?

Depending on the mortgage or remortgage product you choose, there could be charges if you choose to repay your mortgage early. However, any such charges are highlighted to you in the Key Fact Illustration of the mortgage product selected before your application is completed, and before you have paid any fees.

Will any information I enter on this site affect my credit rating?

Obtaining quotes from us won’t affect your credit rating, and no credit searches will be undertaken for the purposes of providing the quotes.
However, if you decide to go ahead with applying for a mortgage or remortgage, a credit search will be undertaken by the lender concerned and this will be recorded on your credit files.